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Caribbeancom 050918-661 Japanese Adult Female Thermal Continent File.061 Kato Tsubaki

JAPANESE PORN JAV Tsubaki Kato appears in the documentary "Women's Thermal Continent" that talks about the actresses who are active in the AV industry in close contact with each other and introduces them. While establishing myself as a highly professional conscious AV actress, she also tells about suffering at private in association with occupation. I feel serious about sex with an actor who got a favored result at the drinking seat, and a figure that makes me cramp! Tsubaki Kato who loves to play horny will continue to raise herself with a rookie like an AV actress, and at the end I pray that I can meet him who is destiny.AV業界で活躍する女優たちをひとりひとり密着取材して取り上げ、紹介していくドキュメンタリー「女熱大陸」に加藤ツバキが登場。プロ意識の高いAV女優として自分を確立する一方、職業に伴うプライベートでの苦悩も語ってくれます。飲みの席で実現に至った好意を寄せる男優とのセックスに本気で感じて、痙攣しまくる姿も!これからもエッチが大好きな加藤ツバキが、AV女優という天職で自分を高めつつ、最後は運命の彼に出会えることを祈るばかりです。 on findporn.tv

Published Time2018-05-24
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